Remainder - Tom McCarthy Here is a nice review of Remainder by Tom McCarthy. In the review I link, there is mention/comparison to Proust's [b:In Search of Lost Time|18796|In Search of Lost Time (À la recherche du temps perdu #1-7)|Marcel Proust||21467164]. Earlier this year, I read [b:A Tale for the Time Being|15811545|A Tale for the Time Being|Ruth Ozeki||21536809], another book which referenced/reflected Proust's work too. I may have to tackle Proust soon as serendipity seems to be pointing him out to me.

Remainder is a book I had sitting on my shelves for awhile (a copy I snagged off of PaperbackSwap after I fell in love with McCarthy's writing in [b:C|7465814|C|Tom McCarthy||9540419]). I had no idea what the story was even about prior to reading &, strangely enough, it was an unusual musing on life, reality, & moments of time, while being quite chilling too. (I guess it falls in line with all the early spooky/chilling reading I've done lately.) It's not a scary story, per se, more chilling in relation to the core personality/driving force of the main character. It's not a philosophy book, yet there's lots of existential thought here, shades (no pun intended) of Plato's Allegory of the Cave, & an alarming examination of re-enacting reality vs. reality being a re-enactment. A book I completely enjoyed & which further cements my admiration for McCarthy's writing.