Sacré Bleu: A Comedy d'Art - Christopher Moore This was my first Christopher Moore book (though I've had his books recommended to me different times).

Parts I loved, other parts were ok. It's a (strange?) mix of historical/art fiction, fantasy, almost-horror, & maybe a few other styles tossed in there too. Love the parts about the history of the color blue, as well as the personalities of the artists he uses as characters in the story. (I used to do oil painting as a hobby, so I was entranced by those parts.) The fantasy/almost-horror type sections weren't as interesting, imo; can't really put my finger on it, but those sections had an odd cadence that threw off the pacing of the story.

The hardcover version of the book, however, has text printed in a lovely, deep blue, along with a cover in varying shades of blue. Completely delicious & gorgeous. I even like the tongue-in-cheek half-wrapper around the nude on the cover. Numerous small, color prints by some of the masters of art are also included. Again, totally lovely. I do like Moore's historical & biographical notes at the end.