The Sisters Brothers - Patrick deWitt Even though I'm not sure I've read a 'western' book, I enjoyed this one. Initially, the cadence & pacing of the book reminded me of the movie True Grit (the one that came out a year or two ago).

The story is told in a spare, straightforward style & takes us on a trip w/ the Sisters brothers -- brothers who are hired heavies (i.e., killers) who are sent to kill a prospector in California. The story is told by the more likeable brother, who is beginning to question his participation in their bloody profession. Although they are killers & there is killing going on, the story doesn't focus exclusively on that. Everything is told in a very up-front manner w/ no real lingering over actions, good or bad. The story is at times striking, desolate, funny (very dry but hilarious things), heartbreaking, and unexpected.

This book was short-listed for the 2011 Man Booker Prize. The cover art is pretty amazing too.

Also, there is a quote on the back of the book which I really like & agree with...

from David Wroblewski, author of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle:
"The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt is a gorgeous, wise, riveting work of, among other things, cowboy noir. Comic, too, but of a species that arrives bearing a scorpion's stinger. You smile, then you wince, then you turn the page to find out what happens next, happily disarmed all the while by the voice of Eli Sisters as he puzzles his way back to humanity. Honestly, I can't recall ever being this fond of a pair of psychopaths."

I like this review of the book posted on Salon: