The Twelve Rooms of the Nile - Enid Shomer 3.5 stars. Filled with lovely prose & luscious descriptions, "The Twelve Rooms of the Nile" is an intricately-researched historical fiction novel. I thoroughly enjoyed Shomer's detailed depictions of both Florence Nightingale & Gustave Flaubert, as well as her gorgeous descriptions of Egypt itself. Seemingly, quite a few people have enjoyed the sections about Nightingale more than the ones about Flaubert; I have the opposite opinion -- I enjoyed the parts about Flaubert & sometimes felt slightly vexed at Nightingale's intermittent whiny attitude. Shomer's writing is lovely & complex (at times more of an extended character sketch than much of a plot).... Recommended especially for lovers of historical fiction &/or Victorian-style travelogues in exotic locales.