Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell Fascinating book of interwoven stories. Loved that Mitchell used different times/periods/writing styles for the six main story lines. I also enjoyed the cyclical nature of the story itself, of themes repeated in our past, present, and future histories -- lots to ponder, imo.

Now for a slight spoiler...

I read this book after seeing previews for the movie. As I came to each section, I remembered scenes from the preview that correlated to the book. When I got to "Sloosha's Crossin' an' Ev'rythin' After", I realized that much of the preview seems to focus on Tom Hanks & Halle Berry as characters from that section of the book. Knowing Tom Hanks was playing that character & reading the dialect (which I didn't really like) in that section, I kept hearing Hanks' voice as Forrest Gump for that entire section of the book. LOL. So, I think imagining that section (my least favorite part of the book) being read in Forrest Gump's voice tainted my impression of that section. ;-)
(ETA: I did see the movie -- loved it too -- and Hanks does not talk in Forrest Gump's voice in it. LOL.)