Lieutenant Nun: Memoir of a Basque Transvestite in the New World - Catalina De Erauso, Michele Stepto, Gabri Stepto While a woman dressing as a man is nothing new in the annals of history, reading this straighforward, picaresque autobiography is something fairly different. My Spanish bil confirmed for me that Catalina is indeed a Spanish (folk)hero. Reading of her exploits & adventures provided a fascinating glimpse into her life as a man in the new world, outlining her exploits as a gambler, soldier, and adventurer. Catalina got into enough scrapes that she often relied on the sanctuary of the Church for protection; later in her life, after confessing her true identity, the Church accepted her & the pope gave her a special dispensation to continue dressing as a man. A unique view of a Spanish hero/heroine. Worth a read, especially for the historical value.

FYI, here is a different translation than the one I read, freely available online: