The Extra Large Medium - Helen Slavin I thought this book was ok. It kind of reminds me of a Sarah Addison Allen book -- easy-to-read, entertaining enough, no brain power needed type read. Overall, it's a mostly charming/cozy style, but does have a somewhat sinister turn or two in it. The pacing was fine until close to the end, when things picked up/changed tone unexpectedly & a quick wrap-up was tacked on; it felt a bit disconcerting after the more languid pace of most of the book. Not sure I'm thrilled w/ the title either (it is explained a bit); maybe something else would have been better?

My final take -- recommended if you want a brain candy type book similar to Sarah Addison Allen's books, but with a few ghosts along for the ride. Think along the lines of "I see dead people" but in a cozy (not creepy) way. Lol.