Revolutionary Voices: A Multicultural Queer Youth Anthology - Amy Sonnie, Margot Kelley Rodriguez, Nzinga Akili, Gina de Vries, Ryan Pesigan Reyes, Jerome C. Boyce, Mario Anthony Balcita, Rachel Josloff, Sherisse Alvarez, Dani Frances Montgomery, Katherine Heather Grobman, Uchechi Kalu, Jason Roe, Meliza Banales, Kevin Rolfe, Sara Read this one in honor & celebration of Banned Books Week (which was celebrated in early October in the US). Celebrate your freedom to read!

Overall, I think the topic is important & I enjoyed reading about the various contributors as much (or perhaps more than) the various writings/art that were included. Much of the writing is straightforward, raw, real -- about prejudice, love, hate, understanding, misunderstanding, uncertainty, & certainty... the road of life. A few pieces stood out above the others; much more was the style of what you would read in a high school or perhaps college-level literary magazines. I think the feelings & topics encompassed are the impact of this work (vs. the actual writing/art itself). As far as it having been a "banned" work -- really, it's not explicit. Yes, there is cursing, there is reference to queers (and many other terms, much of which is included in a glossary), to loving others. But, explicit? No. Filled with love, rage, anger, triumph, the good & bad? Yes.

Personally, I would love to hear a follow-up on the writers & artists in this book to see how life is going for each one of them a dozen years after the publication of this anthology.