Visit Sunny Chernobyl: And Other Adventures in the World's Most Polluted Places - Andrew Blackwell I finished Visit Sunny Chernobyl today. (And I made my computer guru kid read the section on China where they break-down/recycle electronic components.) It's a thought-provoking book. Blackwell visits & describes the places & people there, but leaves you to draw many of your own conclusions. I typically enjoy travel memoirs, and this book is no exception. It brought me to corners of the globe where I've never been (and most likely will never go); I like & respect that Blackwell visits the places that most people never will. I also like that fact that in spite of environmental devastation, he can see beauty amid the troubles, real people amid the faceless workers/people who work/live in these environments. His overall, final view seems to be along the lines of: the Earth is definitely extremely messed up & has been already; many environmentalists envision Nirvana being Earth w/ few to no humans; Blackwell argues that we humans are of & on the Earth too, we've figured in the damage, & we need to figure in the future of protecting the environment while living & working in it too. Ironically, while finishing his travels for the book, the Japanese tsunami happened (w/ the resulting nuclear issues), making many of his observations very timely & underscoring the impact we humans are having on our environment, both for today, as well as the short- and long-term futures. FYI, even w/ the environmental bent of his topic, this book is very much a travelogue of places & people visited.

I think it would be a great read for high schoolers & university-level students. This book can spawn lots of great discussion, debate, & research, imo.

My vote is for "definitely recommended".