Living in a Nutshell: Posh and Portable Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces - Janet Lee I thought this was a really fun decorating book w/ some neat, workable ideas. (A few seemed pretty hard &/or needing out-sourcing, though.) This is not traditional style decorating & is a more modern, hip, fun Euro style for small spaces.

I don't live in a small space, but I think most of these ideas are great ones for tight living quarters. I like that the author addresses making minimal nail holes, keeping things portable, etc... (aimed for those who tend to rent/lease apartments). I also appreciate the resource list at the back of the book w/ website links, paint colors, and so on listed.... I think one weakness is that there were a few projects where instructions were limited & it's not very clear how to do something; that type of oversight can lead to frustrations & multiple do-overs from someone attempting to do the same. Some ideas are fairly frugal, while others have a heftier price tag.

My verdict is a well-done, fun, inspirational decor book, both for just looking at the photos to actually finding & implementing a few changes in your current living space. (For those who may be wondering -- 3 stars is about the max rating I give for this genre of book; I tend to save 4 & 5 star ratings for literature.)