Unclutter Your Life in One Week - Erin R Doland, David Allen I'd give this 2.5. There were a few helpful items in there, but overall this book didn't greatly appeal to me. First, her amount of clutter was not much (she was married, no kids, living in an 850 sq. ft. apt.) when writing this, so her timeline of a week is pretty unrealistic if you live in a larger place, have a larger family, etc.... Also, I think her methodology appeals to the list-making sorts of folks (not necessarily my style); I had a similar complaint about the book "The Happiness Project" (by a different author). She addresses both home & work life (which is helpful), but her plan to add it to your regular week (i.e., do a complete closet purge & clean-out before you head to work in the morning) is not very easy to implement, imo. Also, I think she doesn't address many of the reasons why people clutter (to help them overcome their stumbling blocks), leading me to think that the book doesn't necessarily offer a long-term, workable plan (unless you're pretty much streamlined & uncluttered to begin with). I do enjoy the unclutterer.com website, but didn't really care for the book.