Swimming to Antarctica: Tales of a Long-Distance Swimmer - Lynne Cox I'd really give this 3.5.

I (finally) finished "Swimming to Antarctica: Tales of a Long-Distance Swimmer" by Lynne Cox. Even though I enjoyed it, for some reason, I feel like it took me a long time to read it.

I was thoroughly swept away reading about Lynne Cox's swims in rivers, lakes, & oceans around the world. Wow. Her swimming feats are totally amazing. I do wish there would have been a few maps in the book to detail some of the bodies of water where she was swimming. Also, there were a few parts where I felt like she 'named too many names' (i.e., all the doctors, cameramen, watchers, etc...) for a few of the swims. I'm sure she wants to thank all those folks, but it gets tedious to read so many names when they're not really major players in the book -- more of a once or twice mention in a chapter.

It's interesting to learn about how she preps for such challenging swims in very cold water, the distances she swims, & so on. Last year, I read "The Man Who Swam the Amazon: 3,274 Miles on the World's Deadliest River" by Matthew Mohlke (river guide) & Martin Strel (the swimmer who routinely swam anywhere from 40-70+ miles a DAY for months on end). I think it would be fascinating to hear both of these swimmers get together & 'talk shop'. I didn't plan to read two books about long-distance swimmers, but I'm glad I did, just to see the similarities & differences.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend "Swimming to Antarctica", especially for those who enjoy non-fiction travel/adventure/sports books.