The Shaman's Coat: A Native History of Siberia - Anna Reid 3.5 stars

A curious, sometimes jumbled mix of anthropology, travel diary, & history of indigenous groups in Siberia. I found much of the information interesting (if mostly depressing); it helps to have more than passing knowledge of Russian/Soviet history when reading this book.

Even though I am much more familiar with North America's indigenous groups & their history in relation to European/North American colonization, I had never given much thought to similar groups throughout Siberia. In some ways, there is much similarity ("taming" the "Wild West" in North America vs. "taming" the "Wild East" in Siberia) but also differences somewhat tied to Russia's political history too (as well as those of China, Mongolia, & Japan).

Not the most riveting of reads, but plenty of fascinating information nonetheless, especially since I think there is little information about these places & peoples available in English. I wish the maps had been better & that photos would have been included.