Altazor or A Voyage In A Parachute (1919): A Poem In VII Cantos - Vicente Huidobro I have read very little poetry, so I’m quite a novice at even describing & understanding it. Altazor leaves me questioning, reinterpreting the images, the meanings. And I know I love it. Beautiful. Strange. Lyrical.

When I fell into Altazor, it’s as if I…

Transformed a Dali into words, a dictionary of letters
Etched a Philip Glass resonance into a crystalline cloud lining
Drew a teardrop of sadness through a breath
Waved a ribbon of mythology, terra, aqua, ignis, aer
Flew to the heights of the sea
Swam to the depths of the universe
Plucked the strands of string theory, sibilating
Simultaneously drank the suns, the moons, the stars, the astrals
While clutching the seed of a tree.

I’m awed and in debt to Eliot Weinberger for even attempting to translate this art, visionary art from the 1930s. Breathtaking translation. Even though my Spanish is thoroughly oxidized, I’m reading it aloud to myself in Spanish now to hear the beauty.

Wow. This blew me away. And, I think it may have spoiled me for any future poetry reading I had planned….

So glad that Mike Puma posted a quote from this poem on his page. I saw the quote, fell in love with it, & read the poem. Thank you, Mike, for reviewing & posting about this work.

“The four cardinal points are three: South and North.” – Vicente Huidobro, Altazor